What Do You Believe?

Reading this the day after Easter you might think I’m asking you about your beliefs about God, Jesus, religion, faith, etc. While those are always great questions to ask, my question is much broader.

What do you believe about everything? What do you believe about life, death, hope, despair? What do you believe about yourself and others? What do you believe about the coronavirus and these times?

If you want to know what you believe, then examine your thoughts and behaviors over the past few weeks (and any time). You see your thoughts and actions reveal your beliefs. Did you ever think about that?

If you believe that everything (including yourself) will be okay, then you’ll think and act that way. I know because that’s how I’ve been thinking and acting despite major setbacks in my business. If you’ve been really afraid then you believe that really bad things are going to happen. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be that afraid.

If you believe that there’s no blessings in these times, then I’m sure you’re not seeing any and that you’re only seeing the negatives. I love the saying that seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. And similarly, your thoughts and actions follow your beliefs (your beliefs are not the outcome of your thoughts and actions).

Now you can see it’s such an important question to ask and answer: What do you believe?



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