Today’s BED Talk topic is normal. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word normal used so much during my life than over the past four months. We either talk about wanting to get back to normal or we keep claiming a new normal.

The reason is simple — it’s about our comfort zones. When we’re unsettled (as we are now) we naturally crave normalcy … either getting back to the old normal or being able to say that we’ve arrived at a new normal (with no more uncertainty). I’m sorry to tell you that there is no new normal (at least not yet). There’s just the next normal that keeps changing almost every day.

While the desire for normalcy is “normal” (pun intended), I encourage you to resist that urge. I’m guessing that your old normal was not what you really desired (but it’s now comfortable to think about) and until there’s a new normal, I invite you to use this time to make the changes you desire to achieve what you want going forward (instead of someone else’s version of a new normal).

Typically, I’m recommending that people need to shake things up in their life and leadership (to disrupt themselves), but this pandemic has delivered plenty of disruption. The only question is what you’ll do with the disruption. Will you cover up and wish for normal OR will you embrace the disruption, innovate and create your desired future … personally and professionally.

Normal? Be careful what you wish for?



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